To enter the premises you must show your ticket that will be scanned for verification.
You must identify yourself with an ID or equivalent document in case the organization requires it.



Once you have the ticket, only in case of cancellation the amount will be changed or refunded.

In the event of cancellation, the buyer may request a refund within a period not exceeding thirty days from the date of the public communication of the cancellation, in the way specified by the organizer. The refund will be only of the cost of the product, not the fees or commissions. According to paid tickets by day or the festival as a whole. It will be considered cancellation the suspension of HALF OF THE SCHEDULE. The suspension will be given by the inability of guest or guests to attend the festival.

The organization reserves the rights to change or modify the schedule as long as the attendance of a guest has been cancelled for reasons external to the festival. The festival will search for a guest to substitute the cancelled one if possible.

Refund of the ticket will not be applicable if the cancellation of the festival is due to bad weather, natural disasters, closing of the Spanish air space or other causes of major force not attributable to the organizer.



Children up to 16 years of age can access the festival by paying the corresponding entrance fee and must be accompanied by an adult who is responsible for them, as established by the Law.

The tutors must carry the documents that identified them as such. Minors above 16 will be able to access the premises in the same conditions as the adults without having to be accompanied but filling in the relevant authorization.

During their stay in the premises, the companion will be responsible for any action the minor does. For this to be possible , it is necessary to present at the entrance the ID, family book, passport of both or legal document that confirms the relationship or responsibility over the minor.

Besides the required documents, the adult going with the minor must have a valid ticket.

At all time both the companion and the child must carry their ID or passport in case it’s required by the staff of the organization to prove their identity. In the case of foreigners, they must provide the appropriate documents from their country of origin. Both the attendance authorization and the document will be available to fill in at the entrance of the event.

The organization informs that the current legislation forbids to sell alcohol to minors under 18, every person under 18 will wear a wrist band identifying them as minors and won’t be able to buy alcohol. The minor will have to wear the wrist band at all times, as well as the ID.

Lack of compliance of the above will be cause of expulsion from the premises and with no right for a refund of the ticket or extras of the minor and the companion.



The organization does not guarantee the authentication of the ticket if it wasn’t purchase in the official sale point. The resale of tickets is forbidden. The organization of the festival takes no responsibility in case of loss or theft.

The owner of the ticket is the responsible in case of duplicate.

The organizer will deny access to the premises to the owner of the ticket in the following cases:

  • The ticket is incomplete, amended, broken or with signs of falsification.
  • The bearer manifests a violent attitude or publicly incited hatred, violence or discrimination for birth, race, sex, religion, opinion, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity reasons or any other social or personal conditions or circumstances, and in particular to the bearer who behaves in an aggressive manner or causes disturbances in the exterior or entrance, carrying weapons or objects that can be used as such and carrying clothing, objects or symbols that incite violence or suppose advocacy of activities contrary to the fundamental rights recognized in the law and the Constitution.
  • The carrier shows symptoms of intoxication or of being consuming or having consumed drugs or narcotic substances.

Purchase of extras without having a valid pass. In case that we notice that someone purchases an extra and not a pass (any valid one) we will be able to cancel the extras without warning and there won’t be any possible refund for any of the purchased extras.

The entry refusal will never be for birth, race, sex, religion, opinion, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity reasons or any other social or personal conditions or circumstance.

The organization will exercise the right of admission when the person seeking access has caused situations of lack of respect, insult and defencelessness to the personnel of the organization, in situ or previously.

At the entrance of the premises, the public may be subject to a sesrch according to the Law. It is not allowed the entry of objects that may be considered dangerous by the Organization or are prohibited by the current regulations. It is also prohibited the entry of any type of alcoholic beverages to the premises.

The Organizer may refuse access or expulsion from the premises to the holder of the ticket in case of non-compliance with the indications of the staff of the Organization, as well as in case it can reasonably be assumed that a situation of risk or danger will be created for the bearer himself or other assistants or by states of apparent or potential intoxication, the bearer being personally responsible in all cases for his own actions and omissions that cause injuries to third parties or damage to property.

The possession of the ticket does not entitle its holder or third parties to use the same or its content for advertising, marketing or promotional purposes (including contests, gifts and / or sweepstakes) associated with the ticket holder or third parties.

Failure to comply with this point will force the advertiser and / or unauthorized user to respond for damages.

These activities will be tracked on the Internet in order to establish the relevant responsibility.

IMPORTANT: The code of your entrance allows access to the premises only once. It is your responsibility to keep it and avoid duplication. Do not post it in your social media, do not print it on unsafe sites and keep it out of the reach of third parties.



All rights of image and intellectual property are reserved. Any filming, recording or reproduction inside the premises is prohibited unless expressly authorized by the Organization.

The bearer of the entry acknowledges that they may appear in images / videos taken within the venue by different means for subsequent informational or promotional dissemination, and authorizes such use.

The images may appear on the Internet so their dissemination may be uncontrolled.
If there is video surveillance in the access we inform you that its image will become part of a file responsibility of the organizer with the purpose of access control and security of the event, as well as resolution of any incident. You have the right over your data access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to them before the event organizer during the event.

We inform that any recorded video image may be used as evidence of unlawful conduct or any damages that could be proven, both to persons and property.

The data will be automatically provided to police authorities.

If you provide data of an accompanying person you are obliged to inform and obtain consent for the treatment of your data, which are subject to our privacy policy that appears in the registration form.



People interested will find complaint sheets at their disposition at the venue.

You can request claim forms in out CONTACT.

You can get consumer service information at



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The language of recruitment is according to the chosen language.



LOVE FAN FEST can cancel or modify any of the above conditions or report incidents, in which case you can bring it to the attention of the public by email, so you should consult it periodically. It will also inform you of the channels it considers appropriate.