For the first LOVE FAN FEST, we’ll have different speakers and/or specialists for the themes that the presentations are focused on.

The conferences will be held in two different rooms that will be confirmed over the next weeks.

  • Some of the topics you’ll be able to enjoy during the conferences are:
    • Sci·fi tv shows and lesbian visibility (free access until capacity is full).
    • Gay superheroes and lesbian relationships in comics (free access until capacity is full).
    • Film industry and LGBT characters.
    • Prevention of discrimination in children from gay/lesbian couples (free access until capacity is full).
    • LGBT youth and bullying (free access until capacity is full).
    • Rest of conferences, dates and times to be confirmed over the next weeks.

The workshop is a space where attendees can train on a specific subject in an intensive way. The ultimate goal is to acquire new knowledge or skills, which, usually, does not usually last longer than 4 hours.

Featuring one or more specialists who are responsible for giving a talk and imparting certain theoretical knowledge. Under the supervision of the moderator, the participants perform teamwork which involves some kind of activity that enables them to take that theory into practice.

For our first LOVE FAN FEST we will host the following (over the next few weeks we will confirm the date of each of the workshops that will be hosted):

  • Creative writing workshop (free access – limited to 20 people).
  • Creative writing workshop (free access – limited to 20 people).
  • Short story workshop (free access – limited to 20 people).
  • Flash story workshop (free access – limited to 20 people).
  • ‘How to start with my first FanFic‘ workshop.

Tickets to access any of these workshops will be placed on EventBrite (free of charge) on the 1st of December.

Talent in silent

You don’t have to pose your camera. The pictures are there, and you just take them. The thruth is the best picture, the best propaganda.” Robert Capa

Landscapes, portraits, conflicts… life is more intense through a lens. The galleries surrender to the appeal of the image, whether in black and white or color, and photographic exhibitions spread throughout the city.

Throughout the three days of this first edition of LOVE Fan Fest you can discover and rediscover photographs throughout the exhibitions that will be divided by the venue.

Main Activity

Artists are the main focus of the festival. In their ‘Q&A panels’ you’ll be able to ask questions to find out about their recordings, projects, ideas, etc.

In this edition, LOVE FAN FEST brings together both national and international artists as well as new emerging talents and their freshest proposals, in order to share their conception and perspective. They will have a duration of 45 minutes.

The Magic Moment

There will be one or several sets designed so that the attendees, through a professional photographer who is provided by the organization, can get their picture with their favourite actor/ actresses.

The sessions will be individual, group, duo, trio… and if you want your friend to be with you in the picture you can as well!

The Perfect Moment

The guest actor/ actress will hold several autograph sessions per day. The attendee can bring to these sessions official event merchandise such as articles, drawings and non offensive material. The staff from the organization may require a preview of what you want to get signed.

Share emotions in a room, in the dark, before a large screen.

The real actors are that untameable race that interprets the yearnings and ghosts of the collective unconcious.” Ana Diosdado (1938-2015). Spanish actress and playwright.

The short films, feature films and documentaries will have a space reserved in these three days to enjoy the best creations with plots that bring us closer to the love between woman and woman.

Private coexistence

Private meetings are between guests and have a maximum of 25/30 attendeed, at a duration of 30 minutes.

At the end of this private meeting, one of the photographers of the organization, will take a group picture of this unforgettable moment.


The reception that we have prepared for the opening of ‘LOVE Fan Fest’ will be surprising. Several artists will attend to meet with fans in a more relaxed way for a duration of an hour.

Eme DJ will be in charge of the LOVE PARTY which will be full of love and fun.

The VIP area will be exclusive and limited. Some of the guests will attend the VIP area to chat and have fun for an hour.

Dream dinners

Lasting 2 hours, this is the time you can share with your favourite artist and 9 more people for a very intimate and special dinner.