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(Only in Spanish) CONFERENCIA | Cómo superar la dependencia emocional

CONFERENCIA | Cómo superar la dependencia emocional Por María Amparo Cabrera Es un alivio desprenderse de todo lo que nos arrastra y nos ancla a nuestro pasado e incluso a nuestro momento presente, ya sea una pareja, unos amigos, familia, nuestras opiniones, etc. Esta dependencia que generamos sobre todo inconscientemente, nos genera una serie de […]

(Only Spanish) CONFERENCIA | Despierta tu poder sexual

CONFERENCIA | Despierta tu poder sexual Por Vanesa Falcón Las mujeres nos hemos desconectado de nuestros cuerpos, deseos y amatoria en una sociedad cambiante donde los mandatos de género nos han colocado en lugares rígidos que no nos corresponden. Nuestra sexualidad es nuestra, por ello ser conscientes nos ayudará a responsabilizarnos para empedrarnos de nuestro […]

SHORT FILMS | ‘Flora’, ‘Broken’ & ‘Me, my mother and a pair of shoes’

“TELL YOUR STORY” by Anice Mateu. Often we find ourselves watching series or movies and realize that we don’t feel represented on the screen. It’s already hard to find us reflected on the media, but lately what we question the most is HOW we are been represented. We wait cravingly all year for those few […]

Workshop “Safe Safic Sex: I actually give a DAM!!”

“Safe Safic Sex: I actually give a DAM!!” Women who have sex with women (WSW) often find it difficult to find information about sex and sexual health that is relevant to them – information on safer sex is often aimed at heterosexual couples or gay/bi men. Do we need to protect ourselves? Do we need […]

(Only in Spanish) SALTO SIN RED, o cómo crear una web serie con coste cero

SALTO SIN RED, o cómo crear una web serie con coste cero   LINKS Season 1 (english subs) Season 2 (only spanish)   La directora de la web serie SALTO SIN RED, su productora y la directora de fotografía se reúnen en esta charla para hablar sobre cómo crear una web serie sin medios, partiendo […]

TLF (Tenerife Les Friendly) – Colaboradora de LFF

TLF (Tenerife Les Friendly) starts collaborating with the second LOVE Fan Fest to give our attendees offers with different hotels in the area. From the 11 agreements that are planned, we give you the first 6: Hesperia Tower & Convention Center, Hotel SB Plaza Europa, Four Points by Sheraton Barcelona Diagonal, Hotel Catalonia Barcelona Plaza, […]

Rhiannon Fish’s extras

Rhiannon Fish’s extras Rhiannon Fish‘s extras are not included in any Pass. All her extras have to be purchased aside as the ‘Extra Guest’ she is. They will go on sale today Monday the 11th at 8pm (Spain). The activities Rhiannon Fish will realise are: autographs, photo ops, M&Gs, selfies, lunch, breakfast. Lunch with Rhiannon […]

“The pride of BEING yourself”, by Miriam Bravo

The pride of BEING yourself Living in coherence with our feelings and from authenticity is synonymous with happiness and authentic pride. Sometimes we do not dare to recognize ourselves and it is hard for us to see our own greatness, uniqueness and originality for fear of rejection, comparisons or what other people will say. In […]