In this third edition of LOVE Fan Fest, Elise Bauman will carry out an essential workshop: Unlocking your Creative Core.

The workshop will last 90 minutes. It’s limited for the needs of the own workshops.

The activity will take place on Saturday the 27th of June 2020.

On sale: 6th of October at 8 pm (Spain)

Unlocking your Creative Core

Unlock your creative powers in this fun, dynamic workshop with Elise! Whether you are an artist, an accountant, or an astrophysicist, this workshop will benefit anyone looking to approach their life and work with curiosity, bravery, and joy.  Work through exercises and activities aimed at revealing your own unique creative desires, find freedom through imperfection, and leave with tangible goals and practices to bring with you outside the classroom. Leave feeling inspired, encouraged, and perhaps a little silly.


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