• Where can I buy my ticket for LOVE Fan Fest?

You can buy your ticket via the official site

  • What happens if I buy my ticket at an unofficial sales point or an individual and it turns out to be fake?

The organization does not guarantee the authenticity of the ticket if it has not been purchased at the official sales point and therefore is not responsible for that purchase.

  • What happens if I buy extras without a pass?

If you haven’t purchased a pass of any type, prior to or in the same purchase, you have a maximum period of 4 days to get the desired pass. It is compulsory to have a pass to be able to get extras.

The failure to comply with this requirement will result in the cancellation of the purchased products and will not be entitled to any refund.

  • What happens if I lose my ticket?

The organization of the festival assumes no responsibility in case of loss or theft of the ticket. We recommend that you keep it in a safe place, no duplicates are allowed. On the registration day, once a ticket is credited, second copies are completely voided.

  • I bought the ticket but I can not attend the festival.

If you finally can not attend the Festival, we must remind you that it is not allowed to return any tickets at the sales point or request it from the organization; nor the change of owner. The tickets are one-person.

  • Can I enter the festival if i’m a minor?

Yes, children under the age of 16 are allowed to enter, as long as they are accompanied by a person of legal age, exempting from who is responsible for it, exempting from any responsibility derived from the non-compliance of said precept with the organization of the event (upon presentation at the entrance of the relevant authorization).

Minors under the age of 16 must present at the entrance the pertinent authorization in which the parent / legal guardian authorizes the attendance without an adult, discharging any responsibility derived from the breach of said precept to the organization of the event.

Failure to comply with the above requirements will be cause for expulsion from the premises and no right to any refund of the price paid for the ticket of the child.

Children under 6 years old are free of charge.

  • Can the same adult accompany several children?

Yes, as long as the adult is responsible for all the minors (upon presentation at the entrance of the pertinent authorization of all the minors to be accompanied).

  • Is there special access and a place in the area reserved for people with reduced mobility in the festival?

Yes, disabled attendees will have access directly through a special door reserved for them and will be able to see the lectures, talks, etc., from a reserved area where they will have specific services. You can access this area provided you notify us by email ( at least 2 months prior to the date of the festival.

For the LOVE SCENE zone (concerts) you have to ask beforehand by email.

  • Can people with reduced mobility be accompanied at the festival?

Yes, the companion must have purchased a ticket, without having to be the same type of ticket.

For the LOVE SCENE zone (concerts) you have to ask beforehand by email.

  • Can I leave the room and come back?

Yes, as long as during the three days of the festival you do not take off the wrist band. In case you break or you lose the wrist band you will not have access again.

  • Can children enter the festival?

Yes, accompanied by a responsible adult. Children under 6 are free to attend the festival.

  • Can you bring prams?

Yes. They can’t be left in corridors or emergency exits for safety issues.

In the LOVE SCENE area, access will not be allowed with prams.

  • What time does the festival start and end?

The schedule is yet to be determined.

  • Is it possible to bring food and drinks into the room?

You can bring 0,5l water plastic bottles without the cap and a sandwich for your own consumption into ‘ESCENARIO LOVE’.

You’ll be able to bring plastic bottles and sandwiches for your own consumption into the rest of the festival.

  • Can I pay by cash at the festival?

You can buy all the products that the organization puts on sale in cash (tickets at the door, photographs with artists, access to conferences, tickets for the ‘LOVE Scenario’, etc.).

  • Can I pay by credit card?

All products can be paid for by credit card.

  • Are there any objects that are forbidden to bring into the festival?


    • Blunt objects (to be evaluated by security)Blunt objects (to be evaluated by security).
    • Cans Any container that is frozen, that can be considered a blunt object.
    • Banners that incite violence Weapons.
    • Glass bottles and glasses, perfume in glass container, cremes,…
    • Bottles or other containers with petrol or gas.
    • Selfie sticks.
    • Professional cameras (only applicable at ‘ESCENARIO LOVE’).
    • GOPro cameras or of similar dimensions.
    • Flashes and laser pointers.
    • Pointy umbrellas.
    • Belts, buckles or badges that can be considered blunt.
    • Picnic (ice-box or a big bag with food).


  • Can I get in the festival with my own camera?

Yes, as long as it is not used for recording. It is forbidden to enter the festival with audio and / or video recorders.

In the area of ‘LOVE Scenario’, it is forbidden to enter the festival with audio recorders, video recorders and/or any type of cameras (professional or compact).

  • Can I record the festival?

It is forbidden to record audio and / or video from any part of the festival. And / or any type of cameras (professional or compact).

It is strictly forbidden to record in any activity with any device (cameras, mobiles, drones, gopro, etc).

Failure to comply with the above requirements will be cause for expulsion from the premises and no right to any refund of the price paid in full.

  • Can I enter the premises with animals?

No, it is not allowed to enter with animals of any kind, except guide dogs for blind people.

  • Is there a lost and found area?

There will be an area for lost objects at the entrance. If you lose something and don’t claim it during the festival you can contact us through after the event.

  • What is the festival premises like and what do I have to take into account?

The festival will be held in a hotel. We will give more details about this later on.

The cleanliness of the premises for its conservation and normal use after the festival is one of our main goals. We hope you take this into account and you make it your goal as well. Besides bins inside the hotel, there will be bins outside the premises, please make use of them.

  • Will there be a camping area?

No, the festival doesn’t have any camping area, however and thanks to the location in Barcelona , you can find hotels and hostels close by.

  • Is there a parking within the premises?

We will give more information in the future.

  • Are there WCs within the premises?

Yes, the hotel has different toilets. Take into account that there will be many of us and we will all want to use the toilets, so please try to keep it clean and how you’d like to find it.

Este FAQ podrá ser actualizado para un mayor entendiendo en posibles consultas que puedan surgir.