SHORT FILMS | ‘Flora’, ‘Broken’ & ‘Me, my mother and a pair of shoes’

TELL YOUR STORY” by Anice Mateu.

Often we find ourselves watching series or movies and realize that we don’t feel represented on the screen. It’s already hard to find us reflected on the media, but lately what we question the most is HOW we are been represented.

We wait cravingly all year for those few series and movies to come out because in them we find ourselves represented with three-dimensional characters, with a story, with a truth that makes us identify.

In this conference we would like to talk about the positive inclusion of the LGBTQ+ community in the media and talk about the process in making and financing our short films.

Tell you about the conflicts we had to get through when we wrote the script and how we had to step up to this conflicts to make this stories real. Talk about how you can finance your project if you’re a student, where to begin your story and why we believe is important that your characters are out there.


  • -Showing the short films / Trailers
  • -Why is important that you tell your story and how can you can start doing it.
  • -Process in making an audiovisual project.

Our short films


SynopsisThis short film shows a day in the life of Carla and all the effort she has to do in order to be with her six-year-old daughter, Flora. Carla is very passionate for what she does, she works in an ambulance during the mornings and in the emergency section in the hospital all afternoons. Monica, her ex-wife, lives with Flora since a few years now on the other side of the country. This is why Carla has to take a plane every week after finishing work to go visit her daughter.


Synopsis: This short film shows the moment in which Emma has to break up her relationship with Luca because is hurting too much. Emma’s ideas of “letting her go” begin to fade away when Luca reappears into her life and she realizes that she still has feelings for her.


Synopsis: This short film is about how the relationship between Paula and her mother gets conflictive when Paula begins exploring her sexuality and her gender identity.


  • Day: Sunday 30th
  • Hour: TBD
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Language of conference: English & Spanish
  • Room: TBD

The team

They studied filmmaking and graduated from Barcelona ’s film school ESCAC’s Master in directing.

They come from different places: Mikel Uralde and Irati Elortondo, both worked in “FLORA” as Script and first AD respectively, they come from the Vasc Country (Vitoria-Gasteiz and Oñati); Rafael Sastre, who worked in “FLORA” as the first AD (Assistant Director) is form Mallorca and finally the director of the shot films, Anice Mateu, is form Buenos Aires, Argentina.

They worked together as a team in this three short films that where shooted during 2018.

“FLORA” ended up having 53 people working on the project and 1.500€ of crowdfunding in Verkami’s platform. It had a pre-production of three months with 6 days of shooting and the performance of the actresses Patricia Bargalló (Merlí, Netflix) and María Ribera (Las Distancias).