“The pride of BEING yourself”, by Miriam Bravo

The pride of BEING yourself

Living in coherence with our feelings and from authenticity is synonymous with happiness and authentic pride. Sometimes we do not dare to recognize ourselves and it is hard for us to see our own greatness, uniqueness and originality for fear of rejection, comparisons or what other people will say.

In this inspirational conference we will delve into the emotion of pride, a key emotion to improve our self-esteem and personal value. You will discover how to connect with your essence and you will give yourself permission to be yourself beyond labels and conventions.

For diverse women willing to connect with their personal VALUE and recognize themselves.


  • Discover who you are beyond labels
  • Dare to BE without fears
  • Foster self-esteem and personal VALUE


  • Day of the conference: Saturday the 28th
  • Hour: tbc
  • Tickets: any person with a pass. Limited seats. Tickets to access this conference will be available through eventbrite in a few days. We’ll announce on Twitter.
  • Language: English and Spanish; there will be a conference in each language at different times.
                “The mask is the prison of the soul” Miriam Bravo

Miriam Bravo

Miriam Bravo. Communicator, Inspirational Artist, Laughter therapist specializing in emotions. Dynamic and Laughter Therapy Facilitator by the School of Laughter Therapy of Madrid and Pepe Viyuela´s School, certified Leader of Laughter Yoga by the Dr. Kataria School.

She specializes in Laughter Coaching, a training based on the coaching and laughter therapy system – created and taught by Doctor in Psychotherapy Annette Goodheart, who has more than 40 years of experience – that helps people to laugh (as well as cry ) and to play with those aspects that cause  tension and pain.

She has a degree in Journalism from the Complutense University of Madrid and has considerable experience as a trainer: with the Certificate of Pedagogical Aptitude (CAP) and Trainer of Trainers by the European Institute of Trainer of Trainers.

She is certified in Personal and Professional Development by the CEU University, Expert in Social Coaching and Emotional and Sensory Engineering of the Human Personality Structure, a Practitioner of NLP™  with  the Society of NLP™  of Richard Bandler® and certified in Stress-Reduction based on Mindfulness by the Complutense University of Madrid.

Miriam uses laughter as a tool for personal growth and her mission is to inspire people to live from the joy that comes from the heart and accompany them in their transformation processes.