Workshop «Safe Safic Sex: I actually give a DAM!!»

«Safe Safic Sex: I actually give a DAM!!»

Women who have sex with women (WSW) often find it difficult to find information about sex and sexual health that is relevant to them – information on safer sex is often aimed at heterosexual couples or gay/bi men. Do we need to protect ourselves? Do we need to have Pap smears?? We will go through all the possibilities and the most sensible tips to engage in safe sexual interaction between women.

All the things you never learnt in school!

Join us for a comprehensive discussion of sexual health and wellbeing as it relates to lesbian, bisexual and queer women safe sexual practices.

From masturbation to toys, from body to mental lesbian health, this interactive session will explore a wide variety of themes about women’s sexual life. We will create a safe space to discuss how bodies and minds work and what feels good. And what’s not good for you, even if it feels right.

An interactive and self-explorative space to find out more about sexual transmitted diseases, communication with sexual partners, boundaries and consent in sex and relationships.

Tip: Open your mind and come to forget what you were told and learn new things.


  • Day of the workshop: Friday 27th
  • Hour: tbc
  • Tickets: any person with a pass. Limited seats. Tickets to access this conference will be available through eventbrite in a few days. We’ll announce on Twitter.
  • Language: English (with Spanish translation if needed).

Who am I?
Sara del Olmo, Medical Doctor in Family Medicine. Woman who has sex with woman, I am also a lesbian if I need to label myself a bit more. Single mom by choice since 2015.

What do I do?
I am a medical doctor, but not the usual kind of doctor. I love learning, growing and teaching what I learn. I love making people aware of possibilities that life brings and I love making people healthier by sharing my knowledge, mainly about medicine, nutrition, motherhood and personal growth.

How will the workshop impact on my life?
Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. Mahatma Gandhi.